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Finals Week Spring 2018

  • We do not meet as a class.
  • Blogging continues through W 6/13 following the regular schedule (get details).
  • The grading self-assessment is due at 6:00 pm on R 6/14 (get details)
  • My office hours will change for finals week. Check my faculty homepage for specific days and times.
  • The final deadline for work to count for normal letter grades in Spring 2018 is 5:00 pm on F 6/15. No extensions will be granted for after that day and time. Refer to individual assignments for details.


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Garret Adams

I was looking for all of this information on moodle but remembered you posted this via the blog. This information is very helpful and I wish more professors did this to help students end the term without forgetting anything. Thank you.

Josh Riddell

I appreciate the constant communication for this class. It has been very helpful in determining where my grade stands in the class.

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